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Our Vision

Targetspot is a leader and pioneer in digital audio thanks to an extensive know-how covering all sectors of its business.

We will do so by continually building our multidimensional digital audio network (more dimensions, more publishers, more parts of the world); the robustness and range of innovative solutions of our proprietary AdTech stack; and the service-oriented capabilities of our audio-loving people.

The power of digital audio to grow your business

The audio sector is undergoing an unprecedented digital revolution with ultra-connected consumers who want access to the best audio content wherever and whenever it suits them. To cater for these new consumer trends, many global players have entered the digital audio market.

Targetspot provides these professional players with
opportunities for growth:

  • By developing technologies that allow our partners to instantly enjoy the benefits of digital audio.
  • By building bridges between brands and consumers, publishers and their audiences, publishers and brands, etc.
  • By expanding the geographic scope for our partners with a presence in 10 countries.
  • By creating and increasing revenue for our partner customers.

A strong international footprint

A leader in digital audio since 2007, Targetspot now has 9 direct sites and over 100 employees worldwide.
Targetspot is a global company with offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium.