Targetspot connects digital radio stations with local advertisers

Targetspot 9 February 2021

Targetspot and the CI Media advertising agency, active in the South of France, have joined forces for an offering aimed at regional advertisers. Radio is a local medium. With digital, it opens up new opportunities for advertisers and publishers. 

The rapid growth in mainstream digital audio is one of the most promising trends of 2021, launching local radio advertising into a new era. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, such as Passport Local, Targetspot is in a leading position to offer local advertisers a powerful complement to web strategies (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), as well as local FM or DAB+ radio campaigns. 

CI Media puts its confidence in Targetspot 

CI Media is currently the leading independent local advertising agency in France. It is also the exclusive advertising agency for the iconic SKYROCK brand. Thanks to the agreement signed with CI Media, based in Marseille (France), Targetspot’s entire digital radio offering is open to local advertisers in the South Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Auvergne Rhône Alpes regions. 

Targetspot and CI Media are offering the Passport Local platform to advertisers. Cross-referencing data makes it possible, through cutting-edge algorithms, to broadcast advertising based on profile, location and activity, in a field that is still conducive to brand awareness. 

“The signing of this first partnership at the local level is symbolic for us. It reinforces our strategy of enabling publishers to better monetize their content and local advertisers to jump on the digital audio bandwagon, enjoying unprecedented targeting and reporting techniques,” explains Eric van der Haegen, Strategic Partner Development Director Targetspot.

Digital radio is made for regional advertisers 

For Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO and Founder of AudioValley, digital audio is the future for local advertisers who have been absent from the digital world for too long: “We are removing all barriers to access, whether economic, technological or even psychological. Local advertisers have everything to gain from contextual and demographic targeting techniques, against which analog radio is currently completely unable to compete.”