Targetspot continues its expansion in Nordic countries with Bauer Media Audio

Targetspot 11 March 2021

For the first time, Targetspot’s digital audio inventory is available for sale in four Nordic European countries, following an agreement signed with Bauer Media Audio covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Targetspot is continuing its international expansion and aims to conquer 10 new territories by the end of 2021. This objective is supported by the signing of a major new agreement this week with Bauer Media Audio, a key player in the audio sector, which allows it to market its inventory in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

For Eric van der Haegen, Targetspot’s Strategic Partner Development Director, the agreement concerns a key region in Europe: “The digital audio culture is already well established in all Nordic countries. This arrival in the countries of Northern Europe is naturally part of our strategy of promoting local partnerships.”

Bauer Media Audio is Europe’s leading digital commercial broadcaster and audio operator. Experts in the power of sound, the company comprises of 110 audio across 7 European countries. The agreement allows advertisers to access the Targetspot inventory comprising prestigious brands such as Sonos, AudioBoom, Blogtalk Radio, Trinity Audio, Radio France and Shoutcast radios, i.e. more than two million allocations each month in the Scandinavian countries and Finland.

Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO and Founder of AudioValley, believes that “Bauer will be a strong ally in our development in Northern Europe.

The Nordic countries’ lead in digital audio consumption is indeed telling. The latest Polaris Nordics study confirms this: 91% of the population now streams music. Nordics listen to digital music on average 3.2 hours a day. The source of musical discoveries is revealed as 36% for radio and playlists of streaming services account for 13%.