Targetspot launches Passport Audio Manager, a self-serve solution for digital audio advertising.

Targetspot 26 October 2022

Passport Audio Manager is now available from Targetspot. This brand-new PAM platform enables small and medium-sized organizations to manage digital audio campaigns in-house exactly like they would a Facebook or Google ad campaign.

The PAM platform gives organizations access to audio advertising on a wide range of online radios and podcast channels from top publishers, across the globe, with accurate targeting and no subscription fees.

“Passport Audio Manager is tailored to those businesses that are often left out, either due to smaller budgets or lack of in-house expertise. They need a more simple and nimble digital audio solution. Over the last year, we have worked hard with advertising agencies from the US and Europe to optimize and adjust the PAM platform to serve this new market best,” according to Eric van der Haegen, Strategic Partner Development Director at Targetspot.

The PAM platform is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses that do not use demand-side platforms (DSP). The PAM platform is for small to medium-sized businesses in need of digital audio campaigns on a preset inventory. Targetspot however, continues to provide direct or programmatic advertising to clients with more broad and specialized requirements.


“Targetspot’s proprietary technology allows us to continually innovate our solutions so that digital audio becomes ever more beneficial for both brands and content publishers. Our newest development, the Passport Audio Manager, opens up digital audio advertising to a whole new market segment,” explains Dominick Milano, SVP/Sales & Business Development North America, at the beginning of the PAM beta phase in December 2021.


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