New team and new ambitions for Shoutcast

Shoutcast 29 September 2021

Shoutcast unveils its new strategy. New team, new products, dedicated support: an ambitious arsenal to rise to the new challenges of internet radio and podcasts.


Created in Phoenix in 1998 by Nullsoft, the legendary streaming server originally intended for internet radio and internet TV, was bought by AOL two years later. In January 2014, Radionomy (now AudioValley) acquired the business and placed Shoutcast alongside WinAmp at the heart of its digital audio strategy.

Shoutcast remains the undisputed leader on the international audio streaming market, notably in North America, with over 80,000 radio stations and prestigious partnerships (TuneIn, LG, Samsung, Roku, Apple).


A new roadmap for Shoutcast

Today, the new roadmap has been determined, structured around a new value proposition, in the form of a pledge:

“We easily create, manage, scale your online radio & podcast. “

First tangible effect: the implementation of a team entirely dedicated to this new chapter in the Shoutcast story, with a strong and balanced presence in North America, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Gregory Cosman was appointed Managing Director of Shoutcast to manage the international team. He brings with him to Shoutcast his significant experience in the field of digital transformation, technologies and growth strategies.

The user must remain at the centre of decisions. Which is why he will be supported in this endeavour by Guillaume Gingras, who joins Targetspot and Shoutcast as VP, Integration & Support. Originally from Montréal, he joined the AudioValley group in July 2021. Formerly director of innovation at SherWeb, he also held the role of VP Support at Triton Digital, a leader in digital audio and podcasts, for nearly 15 years.

Working alongside, product owner expertise to use in Shoutcast’s new developments, with the creation of a new product roadmap as a priority. Finally, with a view to expansion, Shoutcast has also taken on a Digital Growth Manager. He joined the group in March 2021, after having held various growth management roles in the field of SaaS and electronic commerce.


An ambitious growth strategy

To begin this new chapter, we have put in place a new structure and new strategy, able to take on the new challenges. Today, we move on from a “do it yourself” strategy to a real user-oriented support offeringThis will change everything. We will showcase Shoutcast to its best”, explains Grégory Cosman, Managing Director of Shoutcast. “We are also seeking to continue expansion. By building new strategic partnerships, as well as creating synergies with other AudioValley group entities, including Targetspot to monetise streamed content (radio and podcasts). “

Full marks from Mario Cabanas, General Manager de Targetspot & Shoutcast  : “Shoutcast is now more than ever an essential brand at the heart of our growth and expansion strategy. This new team of recognised experts is a powerful signal to the rest of the market. Its aim is to exploit our group knowledge and expertise, throughout the world, in both B2C and B2B, to support companies to achieve success in their digital audio strategy. ”