Text-to-Speech: Strategic agreement signed between the ETX Studio news agency and Targetspot

Targetspot 25 March 2021

ETX Studio, the news agency headed by Jérôme Doncieux, pioneer of audio augmentation with ETX Daily Up, and Targetspot, a subsidiary of the AudioValley announce the signing of a strategic partnership aimed at strengthening their respective positions at the heart of text to speech.
The two companies are investing in the use of semantic AI to transform readers not only into listeners but also into a source of revenue for publishers.

The text-to-speech audio augmentation market is currently valued at USD $2 billion. It is likely to hit $5 billion within 5 years according to the January 2021 Markets and Markets report. A market boosted by growing demand for mobile devices and new ways of learning and reading, use of which has been greatly accelerated by the health crisis and the resulting change in lifestyles.

This global partnership is being initiated between ETX Studio and Targetspot, who bring their advanced know-how in AI technology to text-to-speech audio augmentation and its monetisation through advertising.

The objective? Supporting publishers and helping them to promote their text content in a mobile context thanks to voice synthesis.

“Content publishers, like the print media, can now easily transform their readers into listeners and thereby develop new audience territories. ETX Studio and Targetspot provide a turnkey solution to publishers that allows them to monetise these new audiences, and this solution also gives advertisers the opportunity to communicate in high-quality editorial environments,” ETX and Targetspot comment.

A promising new market

Listening to content is now considered more immersive and effective than just reading. In addition to the added value of this new experience offered by publishers to their audience, it is an environment ideally suited to digital audio advertising, broadcast in proximity and with a greater level of receptivity, where no other traditional media can reach its target.

The joint offering now has a global reach since the ETX Daily Up platform, the first 100% augmented audio news solution, is available in 82 languages thanks to Microsoft’s semantic AI and is marketed in 150 countries by AFP.

“Digital audio represents a new source of growth for content publishers, including print media. Listeners are engaged on average three times longer than readers. We can now transform a reader into a more engaged listener without the need for further development.”

Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO and Founder of AudioValley.

“A few weeks after our successful appearance at CES Digital, this strategic agreement confirms our desire for leadership in what we call the Audio Revolution. It requires constant innovation so that publishers can profitably make the move to audio, of which podcasts are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Jérôme Doncieux, CEO & Founder of ETX Studio